No Such Association (NSA) will bring to Paris some of the best IT security researchers in the world. The gathering will take place, as it did in 2013, in Oscar Niemeyer building and will be the occasion to unveil never-seen-before results.

Average cost of cybercrime is estimated at 12.7 M$ per company per year; an increase of 9.3% since last year and 96% in the last five years. For French companies alone, this cost is estimated to 4.8 M€ - hence an increase of 20.5% since last year. Estimated time to recovery from cyberattacks is up by 33%, and mean cost of recovery can go above 1.6 M$.

[Source: Ponemon Institute – HP study « Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime », October 2014.]

Border-centric security has failed; and as attackers have never been so clever, highly targeted attacks against big companies are ramping up – and NSC will continue advocating for responsible and ethical hacking.

2014 edition schedule has been published here:

World renowned and low-profile hackers will share the stage.

Amongst them, Renaud Lifchitz (who was the first to unravel contact-less credit cards insecurity) will perform a "live" quantum computing demo. Nicolas Collignon, security engineer and co-founder of SynAcktiv, will confront Google Cloud security. Benjamin Delpy will tell us whether Windows 10 shares fundamental security issues with Windows NT4. And Alex Ionescu... keeps his mouth shut about the breakthroughs he will uncover during his talk.

Beyond hardcore technical low-level talks, the event will remain faithful to the values of the hacking community: hosting a Free Party on Thursday night; a Workshop dedicated to remote controls hacking on Friday; a Hackathon against Uhuru (French antivirus software created by DAVFI research and funded by the French government):

NoSuchCon is not affiliated with any commercial or state-related entity. It is an independent event where free, conventions-breaking talks are welcomed. It is one of the few international events that are purely fueled by the free time of its volunteers.

This year event will honor the memory of its founder and former president Cédric « Sid » Blancher, security engineer at Airbus Group, who died in a skydiving accident. He was a major contributor to the advancement of security research and awareness. NSC will award the « Cédric Blancher Prize » to a young security researcher that holds faithful to the values he carried.

NSC is directed towards underground hackers, security experts and high-level security decision makers alike. It is a crossover event that aims at fostering exchanges and innovations; federating communities and key players from public and private sectors.

NSC 2014 Challenge
A software and cryptography challenge has been designed by Eloi Vanderbeken - security expert at SynAcktiv – and Nicolas Collignon, co-founder of SynAcktiv. The winner will get a free pass for the security conference of his/her choice (including transportation and lodging); values up to €3,000.

About NSC – NoSuchCon

NoSuchCon is a yearly conference organized by volunteers through a non-profit organization. Each member of the organization committee is also involved in large-scale, community-relevant security projects.

The program committee consists of top-notch hackers and security experts. Going beyond borders and politics, they share research results and invent new concepts. Versed in theory and practice alike, they collaborate for the advancement of IT security, tackling tomorrow's challenges.

Conferences are good to exchange best practices, to figure out new research directions, and to publish "state of the art" results. NoSuchCon attracts the most prestigious infosec people, makes room for the new and promising talents to bloom, and values anonymity for those who require it.

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