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6/20/14: Registration are open!


"Each time I step into this kind of conference, I am impressed with the amazing amount of skills they gather. And if I do the math, multiplying this skills by the fourty-plus years of activity ahead of these young researchers, engineers, PhDs, I realize that the future of our society is precisely here. This is the new elite of this country as well as of the world for this conference has a worldwide scope. The Ivy League and the Grandes Ecoles, so typical of the French system are already dead as a doornail, they just haven’t realized it yet."

Laurent Bloch, Security Expert & Senior Writer

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NoSuchCon is a three-days-long conference set up by volunteer members through a non-profit organization.

The project is the offspring of well-known people of the cybercommunity, people used to international IT security conferences and, up-until-then, of organizers of Hackito Ergo Sum. Each member of the organization is, in a variety of projects, part of the international cybercommunity. The organizing team is moved by the ambition of gathering the best researchers in ethical hacking and IT security, of sharing innovation, inform and transmit knowledge with the final goal of stepping up the technical level of the community.

NoSuchCon presents new and exclusive contents regarding IT security. The conference is a crucible for different IT security experts coming in different flavours: professionals, enthousiasts, hackers ; renowned or more secretive. NoSuchCon conference allows to share best practices ; let new tendencies and exclusive research appear, anticipating the challenges to come.

NoSuchCon is a place for both well-known, top-guns of the cybercommunity, as well as young talented researchers at the dawn of their careers or others presenting their results anonymously. NoSuchCon pursues multiple goals but mostly wants to foster exchange, federating different communities such as students, key actors of the industry, private and public sectors. It also wants to make room for practical demonstrations as well as innovative theoretical findings.

Among the themes of interest will be: vulnerabilities assessments and analysis, SCADA architectures, reverse engineering, attacks on critical infrastructures, Cloud computing security, botnets, Threat Intelligence, etc.

The program committee comprizes some of the best hackers and security researchers worldwide, from both academics and industry, which is a key factor to guarantee quality content. It will be uniquely diverse in its international composition. Bridging over frontiers and sovereignty issues, ideological and economical differences, the program committee looks for people able to share their research findings and propose new concepts.


Joffrey Czarny

Joffrey Czarny (Sn0rky)
Security researcher, VoIP hacker, Ambassador of Happiness and Healthy Living

Renaud Bidou

Renaud Bidou
No comment

Cedric Blancher

Cedric Blancher (Sid)
Researcher, serial-speaker, snowboarder and skydiver

"Sid" Blancher, the first president of NSA (No Such Association) who left us in November 2013. The ISS community misses him very much. Surely enough, he will be with the rest of us to make NSC 2014 an amazing experience.

Jonathan Brossard

Jonathan Brossard (Endrazine)
Elite computer terrorist. Old school reverse engineer. Speaker at Blackhat/CCC/Defcon.

Veronique Loquet

Veronique Loquet
Relationista behind the scenes, involved in some hackers communities around the planet with an historic focus on open source and security areas.

Arnaud Malard

Arnaud Malard (Sud0man)
Pentester, researcher (when I have time), skier, snowboarder and father of 2 tiny hackers.

Nicolas Massaviol

Nicolas Massaviol
The flying security guy

Nicolas Ruff

Nicolas Ruff (Newsoft)
Security researcher, hacker, blogger, serial speaker, troll herder, happy father, and more ...

Sébastien Rummelhardt

Sébastien Rummelhardt
Assistant deputy director, Propaganda Department (Propdep) -- Ministry of Truth, Bullshistan.

Matt Suiche

Matt Suiche
Well known for his technical contributions to the law-enforcement community for the Windows hibernation file, Windows physical memory acquisition and Mac OS X Physical Memory Analysis. Speaker at PacSec, BlackHat USA, EUROPOL High Tech Crime Meeting, Shakacon...


Stephane Avi

Stéphane Avi
Pentester and more ...

Valerie Micaux

Valérie Micaux (athoms)
Graphic designer at home, happy girl and snowboarder


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Early bird tickets are only available in limited numbers...

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Conference: NoSuchCon 2014
Date: 19-21 November
Venue: Paris, France
Motto: "the bullshit-free conference"
CFP deadline: September 30st 2014
Web: www.nosuchcon.org
Contact: cfp{at}nosuchcon.org
Twitter: @NoSuchCon


The USA are sucking oil from this planet up to the last bit. Russia has invaded Western Europe. Crypto has failed. You cannot wipe your a** with your Bitcoins, because it is not even paper. Justin Bieber almost lost his O-1 visa. Jade the Rabbit is dead. Only 7% of Yahoo! video chats actually involve nudity.

Clear signs that the end of the world is coming.

What are *you* going to do? Getting drunk with cheap Bud? Do yourself a favor: settle for no less than Champagne. Or at least Bordeaux wine. Submit to NoSuchCon 2014!

If you are not clever enough to have been abducted by Cicadia 3301, but still smart enough to be in the "cybersecurity" field those days, do not miss this unique opportunity to gather one more time before the Cybergeddon. Show up with never-seen-before and hardcore research materials to NoSuchCon 2014!

If you call yourself a hacker, but did not sell your company over $19bn (yet), stay calm and submit to NoSuchCon 2014! We provide free trips to Paris for the best of you!

This operation will be known as PONY COLLECTION. And do not worry, there will be NSA[*] members all around the place. Wearing orange T-Shirts. Just like last year[**].

It all started here: cfp{at}nosuchcon.org

At least if you can write at least 20 lines of text before September 30st.

Wow. Such Conference. So 2014. Many submissions.

[*] No Such Association
[**] https://twitter.com/k8em0/status/335258070471016448/photo/1

Program Committee

Ange Albertini @angealbertini
Julio Auto @julioauto
Piotr Bania @piotrbania
Sergey Bratus @sergeybratus
Jonathan Brossard @endrazine
Cesar Cerrudo @cesarcer
Travis Goodspeed @travisgoodspeed
Alex Ionescu @aionescu
Tim Kornau
Itzik Kotler @itzikkotler
Aaron Portnoy @aaronportnoy
Nicolas Ruff @newsoft
Peter Van Eeckhoutte @corelanc0d3r
Nicolas Waisman @nicowaisman
Arnaud Abbati @noarfromspace
Xavier Mertens @xme
Jean-Philippe Aumasson @veorq
Bruce Monroe
Vincent Benony @bSr43
Saumil Shah @therealsaumil
Florian Ledoux @myst3rie


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